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End Of The Year Randomness

Here’s a collection for you folks for the year 2011. Thank you all for the ovation, emails and comments. We hope to see you all back in 2012. Enjoy these candids. Aruba cave: (Click for full view) Beaches: (Click for full view) Confessions Aruba: (Click for full view) Randoms: (Click for full view)

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Housewife Kelly

In case you never heard of her, we sugest you check out these milftastic images of Kelly in aruba and also sign-up on her website at: http://www.housewifekelly.com you will not be disappointed. PS: She has videos in Aruba there too. (Click Image For Full View) (Click Image For Full View) (Click Image For Full View) […]

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Voyeur In Aruba

We have fans! Who would’ve thought!. These pictures prove why it’s always great to carry around a camera. This comes to you from one of our faithful viewer Juancho, who caught these dutch cuties getting their tan on. Enjoy! (Click for full view) (Click for full view) (Click for full view) (Click for full view) […]

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Focus Magazine Model Andreina Yepez

Do you read Focus Magazine? If you say yes then you are probably a woman..or gay (But hey, we aren’t judging). In either case a reader sent us these of a Hispanic woman Andreina Yepez, a model or well a former model for Focus Mag. (A little tip Focus,,,Increase your male demographic by adding more […]

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