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End Of The Year Randomness

Here’s a collection for you folks for the year 2011. Thank you all for the ovation, emails and comments. We hope to see you all back in 2012. Enjoy these candids. Aruba cave: (Click for full view) Beaches: (Click for full view) Confessions Aruba: (Click for full view) Randoms: (Click for full view)

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Housewife Kelly

In case you never heard of her, we sugest you check out these milftastic images of Kelly in aruba and also sign-up on her website at: http://www.housewifekelly.com you will not be disappointed. PS: She has videos in Aruba there too. (Click Image For Full View) (Click Image For Full View) (Click Image For Full View) […]

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Random Pics

Well boys and girls we are going to start a new post once a month called the “Random Pics” of the month. These are mostly things sent to us by anonymous people of the interwebs. Have fun. (Click for full view) (Click for full view) (Click for full view) (Click for full view) (Click for […]

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Black Hog Saloon

Every now and then a feeling of nostalgia comes over us thinking of the good ol’ days of Adventures Golf and its world renown Black Hog Saloon. Sadly both are no more. However these pics sure bring back some very nice memories   (Click for full size) (Click for full size) (Click for full size) […]

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